Choosing A Ladder for Your Boat Dock

When it comes to dock accessories, a ladder is one of the most important investments you can make. They’re essential even if you do not plan on swimming, as they provide a safe and easy way to exit the water if someone accidentally falls in. They can vastly improve how safe your dock is, but only if you know how to choose the right boat dock ladders. Let’s explore different types of ladders you can use to increase the safety of your dock.


Straight ladders are simple and inexpensive. They’re a popular option for boat owners, though they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other options. However, if function is all you’re concerned with, these ladders are perfect. They’re installed easily and last for a very long time.

Standard Lifts

boat dock ladders

A lift ladder is a ladder that can be lifted up or dropped down, giving it the ability to work in many different situations. While this ladder isn’t being used, you can move it out of the way and keep it from taking up valuable space. Similar to straight ladders, they may not be aesthetically pleasing and boat owners may opt for something more stylish.


A FloatStep is an advanced style of ladder that is designed to be highly convenient. It adjusts to the water level automatically, so the ladder stays above the water when it is not being used. Whether the tide is high or low, this ladder enables individuals to enter and leave the water safely and in style.

Depending on the size of your dock, you may find some options more convenient or functional than others. Take a look at your dock and look at the level of the water to find what size you need, as they should remain above the water and should not touch the bottom of the water source.